Life Coaching with K

-Live the life you have always dreamed of-

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Life Coaching with K

-Live the life you have always dreamed of-

Meet K

    My name is Kerttu Huttunen. I am a stategic interventionist lifecoach.
    I offer practical actions for the clients to transform their experience of life.
    I love how coaching can create greater understanding and bring personal success, it truly can be a life changing experience.
    As a coach I provide strategies to change the patterns of fear and resistance that hold us back from living a fully abundant life.
    I wish to empower my clients to take daily actions that creates the real and lasting change in their everyday life.
    I want to help my clients to put their dreams into actions.

    My passion is to guide you find your path and live the life you have always dreamed of.


    How it works?

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      Self awareness














      Overcome negative patterns and beliefs

      Take the first steps to change your life

      Make your own path and take control of your life.
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      Single session

      • 2hours(reserve for 2,5hours)
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      Rock your world coaching package

      • 6months
      • First four weeks we will be working weekly, after that two times a month.
      • You have my full support between sessions
      • Minimun of 16 sessions

      Show up for yourself and create a lasting future that you love

      What clients are saying

      {Who knew that coaching would be so great! I found Coaching with K through a friend. I didn't know what to expect from coaching. I never even heard of it. We connected over the phone and already after our deep conversation and single session i felt so hopeful and blessed that i really could make a change if i just wanted to. I'm so excited and grateful to have a coach in my life who really listens and supports me. Kerttu encourages me to go forward and towards my goals. I was in such a dark place before i started and now i'm living my life in a completely different level. I highly recommend Kerttu as a coach to anyone who just wants to make a change in their lives but don't know where to start.{
      Vera 29 years
      {Coaching with K truly made a difference in my life. I never thought that coaching could have such an impact on my day to day life. Now i'm using the things that i learned everyday to build up my confidence. Coaching has really provided me practical ways to make a change in my way of looking at things. I feel better than in years and will continue to work on my dreams with Kerttu.{
      Linda 43 years

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      Polttolinja 17 D 50 (Pilates Studio Classic)

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      +358 40 518 3629

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